ARP 2023 Environmental Sustainability

ARP 2023 – Environmental Sustainability & Climate Risks: The Impact on Reinsurance

Programme Highlights :

This 1.5-hour virtual course begins with a discussion on Environmental Risk and its relevance to our lives, and why it matters to Financial Institutions and Enterprises. It will examine a case study on the Bankruptcy of PG&E to illustrate how environmental risks can affect us in real lives. It then goes on to the Paris Agreement. The impact of Environmental Risk on Reinsurance shall then be discussed with a focus on environmental risk challenges faced by Asian Insurers before looking at how reinsurance can help to mitigate some of these challenges.

The course culminates with a review of what constitutes an Environmental Resilient company, and the keys to a Sustainable Environmental Risk Management.

Programme Leader :

Mr Raymond Cheung has 20 years of experience as actuary, risk professional, consultant and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Alpha Millennia Technology providing digital insurance and deep-tier supply chain financing services in South East Asia. Previously, he was Grab’s Regional Insurance Head spread-heading insurtech initiatives for eight ASEAN countries. Before that, he was the Chief Risk Officer for 2 insurance companies in Singapore. Raymond is also an independent director for 2 listed companies in Singapore. Raymond holds the Bachelor of Business (Actuarial Science major) with NTU. He is an Associate member of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries, UK and the Singapore Actuarial Society.

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