1st TII Road Show in Phuket

Uthaiwan Chumtanti, President of the Thailand Insurance Institute (TII), along with the team from TII, organized “1st TII Road Show” on October 8th, 2022.

Theeraporn Nokkeaw, President of Office of insurance commission (OIC), Phuket branch, co-hosted the opening ceremony of the “1st TII Road Show” at A2 Pool Resort Hotel, Phuket. The ceremony was also honored by Nukul Suankwan-former President of OIC Region 9, Sueksawadee Chanchu-Chairman of the Subcommittee of Thai Association of insurance and Financial Advisors (THAIFA) Phuket, Punnapha Amornlak-President of Phuket General Insurance Club, Kriengsak Theppabutr-founder of Phuket General Insurance Club, and over 40 insurance agents and brokers in Phuket attended the event.

Uthaiwan Chumtanti delivered a speech about the history of TII and the company’s future vision and mission in this event. In this regard, Wasuwat Suwan, Senior Manager of TII, introduced courses TII provides, including how TII has been approved by OIC to organize examination sessions for those who wish to pursue their career as life/non-life insurance agents and brokers from late 2021. TII has also expanded the examination sessions to other regions in Thailand to support those who wish to receive an insurance license.

TII, together with OIC Phuket, Phuket General Insurance Club, THAIFA Phuket, and stakeholders will cooperate in academic operations for the greatest benefits of all insured in Phuket and nearby provinces.

TII Roadshow ครั้งที่ 1