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TII’s President New Year Message for 2023

“Another New Year has passed, many stories have been through ups and downs. Many organizations thrive, many don’t. However, what continues either for organization or individual is “Dedication”. With a clear goal, “Dedication” is another main factor which drives every goal to success.

An important lesson learned by many successful individuals and organizations is that, “Discouragement” means shutting down the opportunity to succeed. Therefore, with “Dedication”, success is not too far.

Even though TII is an institute of insurance education, no excuse would support the claim that without “Dedication”, TII will be successful.

Over 35 years of continuing to thrive in various fields, all TII’s personnel from management to operational level have been cultivated to be dedicated in order to become an organization that develops insurance education. TII also develops several knowledge areas which will benefit all in the insurance sectors, in order to become more professional and skilled service providers in the business process.

TII has been through a long journey to build opportunities and good experiences, which all organizations in this industry are well aware of.

We realized that one of the key factors to transferring an efficient knowledge consisted of educational alliances both domestically and internationally, partners, agents, brokers, insurance business organizations, brokerage firms, associations, regulators, and other sectors that are not mentioned. All of these play an important part in driving TII to grow and become what we are today.

We firmly believe that we will continue to thrive under “Dedication”. We thank you for the support from every sector as being a part of TII’s journey to develop people in the insurance industry to succeed in this career path.”

Uthaiwan Chumtanti

Thailand Insurance Institute’s President